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As a candidate vying for the esteemed position within the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Kevin brings forth a wealth of experience in the field of law enforcement. His professional background encompasses 38 years of security and law enforcement, alongside his role as the proprietor of Taylor Made Protection & Investigations LLC. Furthermore, Kevin’s unwavering affiliation with the Democratic party and his residence within Pinal County for a significant number of years underscore his deep-seated commitment to the region.

His engagement in community betterment is exemplified through his involvement with youth development, which encompasses coaching responsibilities within the AIA youth basketball and football leagues, as well as volunteering efforts dedicated to the Special Olympics.

Kevin’s paramount objective is to institute a highly professional and accountable law enforcement agency, one that operates with the utmost integrity and respect while diligently serving and safeguarding the well-being of its citizens. Recognizing that issues of crime and public safety are communal concerns, he espouses a comprehensive approach that embraces community-oriented policing strategies. These strategies pivot towards proactive crime prevention, collaborative initiatives with other law enforcement entities, and the proactive promotion of transparency. Central to this approach is the concept of community policing, which fosters a symbiotic partnership between the police and the community it serves, ultimately fostering safe, crime-free neighborhoods through enduring relationships.

Having served as a dedicated law enforcement officer in the past, Kevin wholeheartedly embraces the solemn duty and honor associated with preserving the peace, safeguarding lives and property, protecting the vulnerable from deception and oppression, and ensuring the tranquility of the community against violence and disorder. His commitment is steadfast in upholding the principles of liberty, equality, and justice for all.

Kevin acknowledges the significance of the badge he would bear as a symbol of public trust, rooted in a sworn oath and the deep faith reposed by the community. He fully recognizes that the maintenance of the highest standards of professional conduct rests solely upon his shoulders and, as such, commits to continuous self-improvement and the enhancement of his knowledge and competence.

As a private citizen residing within Pinal County, Kevin humbly regards the prospect of contributing to the region’s protection as an esteemed privilege. Should he be entrusted with the role of Sheriff, he would regard it as both an honor and a duty to ardently serve the community.

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